Eladrin, Artificer


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Build: Battlesmith Artificer

Background: Birth – Omen (+2 to Arcana)


Harsden’s first breath was on the wrong foot with his father, Justorne. Killing his mother in the process of being born, took his Justorne’s astrology forecast blessed birth, and turned it into a omen of his father leading a life of hate from here forward. Justorne pushed his raising out to others at every opportunity, sending him away often.

Harsden’s Uncle, the brother of his dead mother, was a rather powerful assistant to the King. This uncle took it upon himself to see to Harsden’s needs as much as he could get away with. This included getting him training as an Artificer when he showed sparks of talent with the Arcane. This uncle’s other past time was making sure Justorne suffered for his treatment of his own son. This included blocking him from taking on the job of leading the Wizard’s school he was an instructor of(relating to the his treatment of his own son). This treatment drew some ire from the King, who instructed this Uncle to never again deal with Harsden’s father, directly or indirectly.

Harsden excelled at his training as an Artificer, enchanting, and mixing item’s well beyond the level he was being trained to. His ‘home’ life being difficult, he tend to stay at his school through any break in the instruction. This extra time was often spent training with a friend of his uncle who worked at the school. This friend passed on some of his own training as a Swordmage to Harsden.

Justorne continued to grow bitter, and hateful of the world which he felt shunned him because of Harsden. Turning to the stars to search for a way out of the destiny he felt Harsden’s birth was inflicting on him, he decided the real answer was killing Harsden. Justorne laided out his plans to deal with Harsden, his uncle learned of the plan. Unable to deal with him directly, he was forced to try and make Harsden hard to kill instead.

This started by getting Harsden assigned to working logistics and support for a fairly removed military station. After this military station came under a rather strange and brutal attack, Harsden was moved again. After moving him a few different times, Harsden’s uncle is sending him to the Peace Accord’s while trying to buy more time to prove Justorne was the cause of the attack on a national guard station.

So Harsden finds himself going to the peace accords with a former soldier he knows somewhat from their time both spent at the military station before the attack. His uncle has once again pushed the need for cation, and mistrust. He has also suggested Harsden find some ways to make himself harder to find and/or kill.


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