Earos: On the Brink

On the road again

'You just keep on trying till you run out of cake'

Harsden’s Log

We are on the road on what I still believe to be a diversion/wild goose chase/trap. It’s nice to be out of the Dwarven town even with those possibilities. Some how they even manage to make the open air squares feel cramped and enclosed. Ce’Phas, was nice enough to provide some mounts, and a wagon with supplies though. We did get rushed to leave town a bit by someone the Dwarf(seems his name is Dougen) managed to piss off.

A rather large group of Half-Orcs accosted us on the way out of town. Something about the dwarf being the last one he saw before noticing him was missing something other. (Half-Orcs are just so hard to understand when they are all but foaming at the mouth like some rabid dog.) I started going over the bodies for something to tie to them to my Father before the last one had even hit the ground. (Honestly I thought the last one had given up, but by the time I looked over there it was just another body.)

After this little scuffle, I saw no need to hang around town, and booked it with the others quite quickly for the city gates. From there things have been rather boring plodding along on horseback. Largely listening to the dwarf make bodily noised while riding in the back,(and on top of it might be noted) with our supplies. Oh well we are coming up to a slightly crumbling wall with what look men standing watch. I don’t know of any settlements up here, so I think I smell a ‘toll’ scam…



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