Earos: On the Brink

It begins with a message

'if you wanna be free come on along with me'

Harsden’s Log

So this quickly planned ‘go along with Deldarin, and disappear from our lands for a bit’ trip is getting interesting. Let’s see, I returned to my room last night only to find a sealed message scroll in my locked room. It was a rather haughty message implying my father was more of a idiot then I could know, as if that was possible. It babbled some other crap about redeeming my family with service to him. Him in this case being that upstart little snot Ce’Phas, ‘representative from a distant land’, whatever that crap means.

The next evening I headed over to the ‘meeting place’, the Inn of the North. A swill pot of a place, that seemed to be almost acceptable for an inn, unlike the others I had seen in Hammerhel so far. Arriving early, I figured the large meeting room would be used. Unable to find a place to overhear the great room, I found a nice wall booth where I could easily see the entrance to both the inn and the private great room.

I drank some of what these Dwarves criminally pass off as wine while I waited for the meeting hour to come. A deva, I found out later it was in fact ‘THE’ deva, showed up first with some muscle. The others came in one at a time. I was a bit surprised to see Deldarin show up and head to the meeting shortly after. I think I played it cool enough he didn’t notice me in the shadows of my booth, but I can never tell with that one.

Also I watched a few less reputable types go in as well. An eladrin named Ezural, which I have heard some interesting rumors about, at this point I am likely to learn the validity of them, more on that later I am sure. A rather defeated looking little dwarf staggered into the meeting as well. From the response of those near his path from the door to the meeting room, he had a lovely perfume of drinking. Lastly one of those, ‘I am more in touch with the world then you’ elf types showed up. His walk drew my attention, it was very subtle, but it’s as if he expected the floor to move on him at any second.

At this point I admit, I readied my weapons, and spells, and waited to see if I was going to need to bust in and try to help Deldarin fight his way out of the place. To my surprise no fight broke out. Instead after a short bit everyone left. I settled my bill, and headed after Deldarin, who I spotted in the distance heading back towards the eladrin quarters.

I managed to find him in a hallway shortly there after. I lied about finding the message scroll in my room just this evening after midnight, showing him the scroll. If he noticed me in the main room of the inn, from the short pause and look on his face I am fairly sure he did, he still did me the favor of playing along with my story. He explained Ce’phas, wanted ‘us’ to go after a map, then travel to the ‘City of Ice’ to the far North, and find ‘Gods Eye’. A snipe hunt if ever I heard one being launched.

I am writing this short entry, before packing up my stuff, and heading back to the inn with Deldarin. Anything has be better then trying to avoid all these smelly little dwarves. Add the bonus of possibly hurting my father’s plans if this isn’t just leg pulling, and really how do I lose in this? I do need to stay on my toes though, just in case my father is behind this in some way. I am fairly sure I can trust Deldarin, we shall see about the others. Off on an adventure I go ….



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