On the Brink

Set in a whole new world, Earos is the name the Elder races give to lands they call home. The world of Earos is separated by different classes of races.

The Elder races came to this world first. Some watch and listen, some guide the other races, and few actively try to assert their dominance on the world. The Young races have spent a shorter time on the world, slowly trying to make their mark on the world. And a few races are so rare they’re believed to be dead or decendants of vile creatures to be hunted.

The adventure begins with our players attending the annual Accords of Peace; a meeting of the races designed to keep peace and prevent outright war. The air in the city has palpable tension, anger and hatred sit on the surface. Something will happen, but what…

Earos: On the Brink

Fnord Kronlundace Dorzim Bilal